Printing on event and corporate printing on cases


The company exists on the market since 2013. In recent years, we have collaborated with the best brands from various business fields.
Printing on covers is carried out on a high-precision and professional UV printer. The picture is not erased and does not lose the original color. The base itself is made of TPU silicone (thermoplastic polyurethane).

Such cases are durable, do not break, do not crack and protect the phone when dropped.

We make cases for:

treyg yellow - Printing on covers Phones
treyg white - Printing on covers Tablets
treyg white - Printing on covers Apple Techniques
treyg yellow - Printing on covers Powerbanks


thirdblock icon 1 - Printing on covers
Unique gift
Individually selected and adapted to the wishes of each client.
thirdblock icon 2 - Printing on covers
Every day and everywhere the brand will be together with the consumer, employee or partner.

Quality and Professionalism

thirdblock icon 3 - Printing on covers A personal approach to your request
thirdblock icon 4 - Printing on covers Reaction speed and quality of work
thirdblock icon 5 - Printing on covers Product warranty

For whom is this service suitable?

forthblock icon 1 - Printing on covers Brand stores
forthblock icon 2 - Printing on covers Internet shops
forthblock icon 3 - Printing on covers Internet providers
forthblock icon 4 - Printing on covers Hypermarkets
forthblock icon 5 - Printing on covers Shopping centers
forthblock icon 6 - Printing on covers Crypto community
forthblock icon 7 - Printing on covers Finance companies
forthblock icon 8 - Printing on covers Marketing agencies
forthblock icon 9 - Printing on covers Event organizers
forthblock icon 10 - Printing on covers Concert Agencies
forthblock icon 11 - Printing on covers Large and small enterprises
forthblock icon 12 - Printing on covers Website developers
forthblock icon 13 - Printing on covers Game Developers
forthblock icon 14 - Printing on covers Mobile app developers
forthblock icon 15 - Printing on covers Private medical facilities
forthblock icon 16 - Printing on covers Private entrepreneurs
forthblock icon 17 - Printing on covers Children's entertainment
forthblock icon 18 - Printing on covers Entertainment business
forthblock icon 19 - Printing on covers Radio companies
forthblock icon 20 - Printing on covers TV channels
forthblock icon 21 - Printing on covers Appliances

Printing on cases

New technologies are developing.

The phone has become an indispensable part of everyday life. A branded case is a phone protection and advertising space that every day and everywhere will be together with a consumer, employee or partner.

We will make unique covers for your business.

Benefits of printing for corporate clients
1 The brand is always there
2 Individual design
3 Corporate style
4 Product Warranty
5 Device protection
6 Advertising plane
7 Universal gift
8 Cheaper than away

Printing on event is suitable for advertising and event agencies that offer customers a new and exciting activity format.

Companies that organize conferences, seminars, exhibitions and forums. Guaranteed guest involvement and individual approach to each, as well as high-quality and reliable work of our team at the event.

We will make your event interesting, unique and diverse.

Benefits prints at field events
1 Unique activity
2 Involvement of guests in the process
3 Corporate style
4 Personal gift
5 Product Warranty
6 Product Quality and Reliability

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